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  1. My Computer : Motherboard: Z170A Krait Gaming 3X CPU: INTEL I7-6700K @ 4.0GHz, Leppa - liquid cooled Memory: Corsair Dominator 4x4GB DDR4 Power: Codegen 750W Graphics Card: xFx HD6970 (soon crossfire) Case: Deepcool Dukase Hard Disk: will be changed. Goin for 500gb SSD and 1-3TB HDD Random LG DVD writer.
  2. Battlefield 1 beta players

    and the weather change is cool to
  3. Battlefield 1 beta players

    click it till u can same thing on my pc to
  4. HeLLs Gameday (Members and chosen players)

    I would play if theres room for 1 more
  5. Assetto Corsa

    G25 + real mb sport wheel + cheap car tuning knob (larger than original g25 knob) and mazdas handbrake, the gaming is really fun soon will do spring upgrade for pedals to if i could get some sierra or other racing seat, then i would buy buttkicker to for the sim and the game is really good
  6. NR-Gaming.eu

    but if the name isnt necessary, then why u wont go to NR-Gaming right now? no name changes or other problems.
  7. NR-Gaming.eu

    Yea i understand that to, but i like "HellsHammers" "HeLLs" "HLS" more than smth new for me the 4th year will be running after 10. january here
  8. NR-Gaming.eu

    "i dont care about the name too ," Im proud HellsHammers member, im really sorry that i havent been active past allmost 2 yrs, but some know why. Shortly i allmost ff my whole life. But im still here and will stay till HellsHammers exists. Soo for me only suitable idea is from Hawk. "HeLLs-NR" or smth like that and i know that my word isnt that pricefull, but think why u all have been here so long and why u came here not went to somewhere else. stilen
  9. Lumpy´s new babe ;)

    Nice 1 man loved to get my hands on smth like that but my garage is kinda full right now
  10. iRacing - Live For Speed

    Me and madwolf are racing And im sometimes racing on iRacing to, but im really new to it. Most races come in from rFactor. Right now we will take a part in EVAL Endurace 2013, its Estonian race series
  11. Spam ur way to victory

    77 if any1 cant see
  12. Spam ur way to victory

    u remember what Achmed the Dead Terrorist wanted?
  13. End game is coming :)

    few weeks more i only have 2 maps and dirtbike what i want to try in this pack
  14. Spam ur way to victory

  15. Spam ur way to victory