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  1. Teaming and filming

    if we get more players on the dayz we could film that aswell? also i like the idea because people might want to play on the servers/join hellshammers
  2. More Bad News

    we dont even need enemy's to find it we will make our own stuff dissapear each night it looks like
  3. Taviana to Panthera

    We used to have the old panthera map on a server but then we got a diff map for a short while n then we gained taviana and now we getting the new panthera = real nice also much more action meaning more fun
  4. Your favorite music

  5. CSS grudge match

    i'm in for this!
  6. Css players

    I PLAY css sometimes
  7. me playing some apb

    http://nl.twitch.tv/qiwingo/c/2011242 in the begin kinda boring/failing just skip a bit till ull see me kill lots without dieing allot
  8. crapped myself!

    did u clean urself yet?
  9. Dayz update is awesome

    lol so if u got awesome gear n ur m8 wants it aswell he can just shoot u 1 time n then u log off n then he can kill/loot the bot?
  10. Streaming

    how does the twitch work cuz i tried to use it before but failed @ it
  11. Our prom show!

    lol did the guy grab her tit infront of all the ppl? @ 0:21
  12. Spam ur way to victory