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    Metal/Rock, Music, Gaming (Battlefield/MMORPG/Hack&Slay/Dota-like games/classic games like Diablo 1/2 or C&C), Party hard with friends or at festivals, doing crazy shit, programming (vb6/vb.net/C), chatting, sleeping.

  1. Please unban me (Hohlladung)

    Listen to him, he knows what he talks about!
  2. BC2 with hawk

    still one of the best bugs i've ever seen. Taking a nap as T after the respawn xD
  3. DU4 Requesting another clanwar!

    Damn, had the hope we dont have any clan war until release of BF 1. Now I have to train at my shitty PC again......... OR the date is set to a weekday so I can play on a good PC
  4. HeLLs Weight Watchers

    can you even hold one of our hammers?!
  5. HeLLs Weight Watchers

    Bitches please! 140 kg 198cm!
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    2. Jebu


      never. and i hope you never come to me. otherwise i have to kill you by filling you with good beer. as much beer as you drunk with salt.

    3. BARZANY


      you dont kill me like dat m8 

    4. Jebu


      We will see.....

      Until this moment I continue Loading...

  7. *waves* Howdy!

    no. i really dont like beer. I love it
  8. DieHund's Membership Application

    Starcraft has the same rankings as HotS will get and also nearly the same as LoL if i remember them right. Only difference: No challenger, instead Master and Grandmaster, Grandmaster is limited to ~ 500-1000 players (at least at hots there will be this limit)
  9. *waves* Howdy!

    Whos this German mod? I dont like beer....
  10. DieHund's Membership Application

    *Brrrrrrrt* SirLunchAlot here... Hells alcoholic and braindead Hammers incomming! Over! *Brrrrrt*
  11. overwatch

    you don't like porn? He wanted to say: He cant play it because you dont play porn. you just fap
  12. DieHund's Membership Application

    whats strategic if you are feeded and you can solo the whole enemy team? you just need a good start with 1-2 kills in early game and your lane is gg
  13. DieHund's Membership Application

    if you like salty and toxic guys combined with egoistic gameplay: yes
  14. DieHund's Membership Application

    well ok, if you take starcraft as moba. but at least starcraft 1 was more a strategy game. a fast one but still strategy with building/developing and THEN fighting. the first time someone used "MOBA" it was the developer of LoL and well, maybe it wasnt the idea of blizzard with wc3 dota. But at least wc3 had the most powerful editor these times so blizzard gave ppl the way to make the mod. strictly spoken they made the genre indirectly ... ... (at least it wasnt a mod, it was a self made map with the editor. a mod would be a development with own code basing on a existing game, DotA just used the editor. no coding )
  15. DieHund's Membership Application

    Not really. The only thing they copied is the genre. Well, have they copied the genre?! MOBA's became famous first with Warcraft. and Warcraft is made by Blizzard. so Riot/others copied from Blizzard, strictly spoken