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  1. </ Dumbazo APP

    It's all to do with mind over matter and your mind doesn't really matter so don't worry about it.
  2. </ Dumbazo APP

    Because this is a democracy? http://www.hellshammers.info/forums/clan-talk/poll-17-a.html The votes speak for themselves. Although to be fair I think your asking this question because of Commando's post? which seems to have disappeared into dark and murky world of dictatorship??? Late post I know + I could have all this wrapped around my neck, I am suffering from new job brain freeze atm
  3. letsssss drinkkkk Mat

    Happy Birthday Matt /drink

    You crack on lad's I'm sure Kurdy will pop in the thread if he wants to do it
  5. Origins Screen shots

    Server restart entity was so impressed with your 'plane' flying skillz, it couldn't quite believe it! So It's put it back on the island to see if you can do it again tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for the heads up we've been a little preoccupied with our new origins server tbh, I banned a scarecrow a couple of month ago I bet a penny to pound its the same guy! Anyway thanks again we'll have a looksee
  7. Dayz Origins is Coming to Hells

  8. He can only call it a flesh wound when they cut the whole limb off! (British Army injury classification rules!)
  9. JOKES :)

  10. Damn!

    Yes, but it does scream virgin at you.
  11. Crash - Application

    Welcome Crash
  12. Teaming and filming

    Never mind m8 if you loose your leg at least you can call it a proper flesh wound, we'll be thinking about ya'
  13. How to Be Organized Team EVERYBODY WATCH THIS!

    I've often thought this, I like playing with Punisher for this reason"S E E N"...........with a name like 'HeLLsHammers' we should "S Q U I R R I L"..... forge a strike hard and fast reputation.....