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  1. Our ARK server is online

    Go and play then
  2. SNTNL's Membership Application

    Yo m8 welcome and stay active on forum
  3. Our ARK server is online

    Yes it is
  4. jeki's Membership Application

    Welcome m8
  5. Postaldude89's Membership Application

    Welcome m8
  6. Hello everyone!

    Welcome Jani
  7. ARK Survival Evolved server

    This game is not optimised even is like 3 years old is still beta I have to run in low memory to get decent fps so just cut off on settings and will go smoothly for urgent beast plus it's only 10 slots server rented just to have some fun but if ppl will decide to play we can think what to do with it.
  8. Origin Account ID's(BF1)

    Yo guys I just noticed I missing many of u on orgin so plz add me HeLLs-Drunker Post urs one for new ppl also and as u noticed is no clan tag in bf1 my self and all ready few others change name as u see my nick name with HeLLs in front so would be nice get some more ppl
  9. Our BF1 Server is Online

    I did but that's nothing new what they said 1-2 weeks ago so don't undarstand ur frustrating if u should know what u baying as been said before by EA.
  10. Our BF1 Server is Online

    That 43$ was for 1 month I understand? And well u seen what they said before so what else u was expecting?
  11. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    Cobra cobra where are u m8
  12. Finttark's Membership Application

    Yo m8 welcome
  13. Special Gifts for members

    Just fck get it, he is pride and shy guy so ofc he will say no.
  14. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    He like pizza for sure welcome to the forums m8 and nice we getting some older generation; ) gl