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  1. Does anyone here have the dimensions for the Arma II OA vehicles, including specifics such as height and length?
  2. What not to say in a game

    I didn't think those bots could actually talk. Is that a pre programmed response? Maybe they should rethink that one.
  3. Best Camoflauge Ever! :P

    You would stand out so bad with those colors. Not that you are actually camouflaged that well being stuck in a tank out in the open. The pink is not helping.
  4. Not that anyone watched Shrek

    Not that anyone watched Shrek >.> But I thought this was funny in an ironic way. And, this one was random and not related to the half hour I spent looking at memes about 'if you watch it backwards'.... but it still made me think. So I wanted to include it here.
  5. Is CS:Go OverWatch dead?

    I was reading some of the old threads on Reddit about Overwatch and some of the 'citizen moderators' seemed very devoted to the job. As for whether their moderating actually got any accounts banned, who really knows. Maybe it was just a way to get the community involved, to make them feel responsible for the game. And, maybe a more automated monitoring or moderation system is required.
  6. Most common reasons people hack in games?

    The word 'hack' is very common in games and often refers to finding an exploit in a game and using it to your own advantage. So for that reason, hacking might just be a way to get an advantage over someone else. In some games, the word, 'hack' means to steal, as in to take game currency or gear or steal accounts. In that situation, hacking is done for real world monetary gain as the content of those accounts is likely sold to others.
  7. Feeling burned out

    Just get away from the game for awhile and do something else in real life or online. Go for a walk. Don't get online for a few days. It's good to have other interests in life, not just games. And, when you get back, you will find yourself with renewed enthusiasm for your favorite game again.
  8. Steam Games: Free Weekend

    My hard drive is cluttered up with the corpses of so many games from Steam, downloaded on these freebie weekends. I didn't buy half the games they offered, but they were fun playing while free.
  9. Where to buy good (old) game gear?

    I don't trust local classified sites as I've been ripped off by those before. If you are paying cash with a local seller, the gear might not even work. And, how will you know before you get it home to play? Will you go into that person's house and make them play a game on the equipment before you take it home? I don't think so. And, so there is a risk you will take it home untested. That's what happened with me. So just play it safe and buy new gear or buy off of Ebay as you will have the buyer protection on anything you buy and can get a refund from Paypal if the gear is defective.
  10. Is PlayStation Plus worth the money?

    Just think of what you are paying for Xbox Live membership and how little content they are giving to you for that (other than option to play online with other Xbox gamers). And, so you are getting that for free with Playstation. So if you want to pay around what you would have for Xbox live, then you will get those free game downloads you mentioned. So you would actually end up with more than if you stuck with Xbox live. So it could definitely be worth your money, if you look at it that way.
  11. Gamer friends and family

    The bad ones mess it up for everyone and break that trust chain so after awhile you can't feel trust for anyone. And, that's a sad day but it's something that happens to us all eventually online.
  12. People who lie about anything and everything

    They say that communication is something like 85 percent body language but online you can't see body language, only see the words that someone is texting to you. And, those smilies and emotes don't do much to convey a person's real feelings. If you are looking at someone's face (or even listening to their voice) you have a better chance of knowing if they are lying whether that's over Skype or face to face. Just never rely on that texting to find out the truth as they can hide so much that way.
  13. What are the best game auction sites?

    I have only used Ebay for buying classic games and old game gear and so far, been very pleased with the experience. Since I'm using Paypal with that, I don't worry about being scammed as can happen with a local buyer.
  14. Gaming is hard on the eyes

    When you are looking at the screen for too long you might not be blinking. And, it's important to blink to keep your eyes hydrated. If you don't blink, your eyes will be dry and ache after awhile. So you should shut your eyes periodically. Also, keep some artificial tears drops or Visine near your computer keyboard so you can rehydrate your eyes as needed. That might help with your eye issues.
  15. Goat Simulator won't work

    Two fixes that might work for you. Browse to this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GoatSimulator\GoatGame\Config Then open the following file DefaultSettings.ini Change the fullscreen value from true to false Save the file Then load the game and you should be able to play OR Go into your Steam files and delete the Goat Simulator file (usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GoatSimulator) then go to my games in documents and delete the GoatSim folder (located at C:\Users\USER\Documents\my games\GoatSim). Then right click goat simulator in your steam library, delete local content, then reinstall. Here are some links that might help. https://steamcommunity.com/app/265930/discussions/1/540737958356877889/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/265930/discussions/1/540738051132406338/