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  1. Sign up for clan wars!

    yeah and whats my nick ?
  2. Hi all

    wellcome and hello mr hawk
  3. Sign up for clan wars!

    how to say this... yepee time to drill put me on the list !!!!!
  4. Uncertainty/Questions/Wrong information

    hello from bosnia ! hmmm lets start... here is the average payment about 420€, hmmm where to start, the prize of mcmenu ( mcdonalds ) is about 4€. the beer in our shops are about 0.5-0.8€ staropramen, budweiser budvar ( 0,5l ) or heineken 1€ or most expensive is corona extra 2€ in bars 1,5-2€ for 0,5l usually. corona is 3-3.5€ in shops bottle of jack daniels 0,7l is 15€. jagermeister 0,7 is 11€, Absolut Vodka 0,7 is 16€... the most popular food in bih are cevapi Ćevapi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and pie Bosnian burek Börek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia so you need 2-3€ to eat good junk but good stuff... the restorant prices are about 8-15€ depends on drinks and meat tipes. we dont use sauna often lol rent of an flat 60m2 is about 150€ per month. diesel on fuelstations right now is 1€. red malboro is 2€. ah what to say more come and visit bosnia hehe
  5. stat check BFBC2

    hello i have problems about the stats on bfbc2 i am usually checking on http://bfbcs.com/stats_pc but every time when i check the last update was Last seen online: 2014-05-01 22:52 but k/d rating is the same on the site and ingame check. any solutinons ?
  6. I finally did it!

    wellcome to the action :rambo:
  7. Here goes nothing.

    wellcome Pete! have a free beer from me
  8. Shazz application

    *Ingame Name: Shazz_BiH *IRL Name: Emir *Age: 27 *Gender: male *Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia *What other games are you playing? i am an allrounder gamer. ( farmville, cityville :rockon: kidding *Reason(s) for wanting to join HeLLs: want to spread fear with other HeLLs *Previous clans: nope! *Reason(s) why you left your previous clan(s): ... *Do You like beer (only over 18): only with peanuts and chips ! and i will vote for Hawk to be The King... President... or much much more
  9. hello mortals

    no but i am thinking about buying the game btw i am not single sorry fish !
  10. hello mortals

    hi am shazz_bih and i am 26 years old. I play alot of games, all types... right now am playing on Hells Hammers BC2 server and its great! ( got the kills u asked was wow-ing 4 years, bf2 and bf3 in meantime i have an job so i dont play 24/7 have a nice day