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  1. Hello everybody

    Welcome to the forums mate!
  2. Booze calculator

    Your drinking nationality Got Moldova lmao http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30500372
  3. Your favorite music

    Been on some next level trips listening to Daft Punk lately

    It is a platform to find competitive games like csgo, sort of like esea. you make an account and they provide you with a server https://www.faceit.com/en

    Do any of you guys play FACEIT or is it mostly comp games?
  6. Helloo

    Course I remember you guys Yo archi, can't even start explaining the amount of work I've got myself into, but i think it's important so I'll hang on tight during the fuckness haha, now I'm just looking for some guys to hop on ts3 and chat when i play, maybe play some csgo etc mate, nothing serious And yeah Deadpain ill sort my profile pic out on the forums soon mate!
  7. Helloo

    Yo guys, name is Dimitri, 22 years old working in London. Used to be in HeLLs a couple of years back but left and then stop playing video games for quite a while Back in the scene and looking for some good people for drunk discussions, video games and chills, nothing serious Feel free to add me on steam username mightyjohn13 http://steamcommunity.com/id/silatrak/ peace
  8. Dolan Application

    REJECTED Sorry m8, your trial has been rejected due to inactivity on ts3, forums and in game. Try again in minimum 2 weeks time.
  9. Application Pitti_Sharp2

    ACCEPTED Welcome to HeLLs!!
  10. Sora's application

    ACCEPTED Welcome to HeLLs!!!
  11. Some changes

    i think ur right on this vince, its a shame of course because we will never get to know how dedicated they truly are until some time has passed, but nowadays that is the only option so i will consider what u told me with that, especially for csgo. feel free to contact pwoblem and hells about helping with forums, im sure it will be a great idea
  12. Some changes

    Hey guys, Been a long time that Ive had to make a sort of serious post but we are deciding to change 1 or 2 things in HeLLs. First Id like to congratulate and thank pwoblem for becoming new admin in HeLLs. We have a vision to change the community for the best and I think pwoblem will help us a lot in this task. He has constantly been aiding us with teamspeak3 and new members so I think he is a great addition to the admin squad. I'd also like to inform you that we will be having some major website modifications. Might get into maintenance for a while. We are trying to make it a lot simpler and to attract players from our teamspeak3 to use the forums a lot more. A few changes on STEAM as well. The skull ☠ should be used by all members, we should wear it with pride in our steam name. It is the symbol of our community and it supports our community. Also, 1-2 ts3 changes. Firstly, thank u pwoblem for hosting a ts3 until roughly the end of september. We will be restricting the number of admins on ts3. I understand many of you are reliable people, but that should be granted, not rewarded. Lastly, if anyone wants to help, and has ideas, please share them on this thread, and if u want it to be a bit more confidential dont hesitate to contact me on STEAM. edit- forgot to mention one little thing. from now on, all new members must submit an application to become members of hells. the trial period will still stand. for some time especially for csgo this tiny detail has been misused and i want to put it back in action. this will include a minimum forum activity, ts3 activity and game activity. if u miss one of the 3, u will be rejected from hells. everyone who is in hells without an application, mikzur, assie, tink and others will only have to register, not submit a new application to become members. Lets bring HeLLs to the top, where it belongs.
  13. Application Pitti_Sharp2

    Welcome to the forums man, good luck with the trial!