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  1. What was your first computer?

    first PC was a ZX spectrum, then an IBM workstation, then a COMPAQ Presario home PC, to my custom built death dealing machine now!
  2. introduction

    come at me bro!! give me your top 5!
  3. introduction

    Hi All, i'm Nahom, from London, UK. have played pretty much every battlefield game, but BF2 was my gateway drug! strike at karkand, wake Island and Road to jalalabad i believe are the three greatest maps in battlefield history IMO; with wavebreaker and Paracel storm sealing that top 5. as some of you here, i Love Attack boats and shooting things out the Air! came here cause Barzany moved from playing Boats to playing with Attack helicopters so the waters were safe once more and the fact I love the DAGON Wavebreaker server! look forward to seeing you on teh battlefield!
  4. Welcome to the forums sirus6222 :)