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  1. Grand Theft Auto V (Five)

    Would be nice
  2. Grand Theft Auto V (Five)

    Hey Have we a Hellshammer Crew at GTA 5 ?
  3. New Games for the future of HeLLs

    I will play bfbc2 more then 3 months so you will have time to upgrade youre computers :rambo: And when bfc3 comes out i will play it too like you spectre
  4. New Games for the future of HeLLs

    GTA 5 maybe ?
  5. N1colasCage and his...

    Happy birthday mate thumbsup:beer:
  6. Game mode poll

    I talked with some guys and i think its not such a big problem to fill up a Vietnam server because there is a big request on a new server. And there are not anymore so much servers
  7. Bad Company 2 Vids

    Thx Hawk
  8. I think we could have a protection from being punished but not more.
  9. Bad Company 2 Vids

    Which program do you use to record ? XD
  10. Another BC2 server?;)

    Ohhhh nice thumbsup I love Vietnam and i know many other players who would play on this server too :rambo:
  11. Procon access

    Can you make me an procon account would be very nice
  12. Introducing myself - 1u^^p9

    Hey and welcome to the forum You sayed you like Vietnam and i love it aswell if you want we can play sometimes together :rambo:
  13. HeLLs specific-weapon day

    When is the next Weapon day ? zomg
  14. HeLLs Gameday (Members and chosen players)

    Hey Dead you are not the only one okay
  15. Bad Company 2 Vietnam

    Ok okay The problem is I dont play on high point servern