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  1. AsmA's Membership Application

    Haven't played bc2 in a while, but i remember you as a great teamplayer, welcome !
  2. Hello everyone!

  3. ladysMan's Membership Application

    english only
  4. Who needs the modded servers anyway...

    A hacker knows a hacker.
  5. Origin Account ID's(BF1)

    PeteBeast85 Very surprising.
  6. BF1 what mode?

    It's just a game :D.
  7. Your Favorite Kit? (BFBC2)

    Won't be needing that.
  8. Your Favorite Kit? (BFBC2)

    Assault: XM8 (F2000 depending on map), M1911, 40mm smoke launcher when attacking, 4x sight, Magnum ammo, Improved warfare or Assault: M1/Thompson/Neostead/Saiga (depending on map), M1911, C4, Lightweight/Slug, Magnum ammo, Improved Engineer: PP2000, M1911, CG (rarely M136), 4x sight, Magnum ammo, Improved Medic: M1911, i use this only in pistols only Recon: SV98, M1911, Mortar, 12x sight, Magnum ammo, Improved. (i very rarely play wookie)
  9. Well hello guys!

    welcome to hell
  10. I was Banned

    i've always defended russians here
  11. I was Banned

    When have i said something like that?
  12. I was Banned

    I don't care. Please remove my admin rights.
  13. I was Banned

    Total BULLSHIT. I didn't even know he was russian before he said it. Now that is just total bullcrap. Nice prejudices m8. Good to know. I have nothing against russians. Most of you do.