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  1. i am sorry unmute plz

    I've unmuted him and I will also take actions if he won't behave... even maybe some temp bans
  2. i am sorry unmute plz

    You'll be muted faster then you were unmuted now if you break the server rules again.... Have a nice weekend

    Hello Kompot. You got auto-banned because of the following reason: Teamkilling KompotZeMnoPij 0tk -520pts --- 10days Since it looks like an accident I removed your ban and you're able now to join our servers again. Have fun playing
  4. Introduction :D

    May I ask you where you are from? Your name somehow reminds me of someone...
  5. keyboard weird problems

    I can give you a keylogger (yes, also used for viruses but it doesn't send the infos to me lel). Just start your PC, open the keylogger, wait a few hours to see if some "a" s appear in there...
  6. Fighter94's Membership Application

    Welcome bro, good luck with your trial
  7. got muted with no reason by luckygregor why ?

    keep going man... I actually laughed a lot while reading this thread. Don't make yourself a fool.. OOOOOPPPS too late
  8. Smoke

    We are not modding our bfbc2 servers...
  9. About me

    in what language and what kind of things do you program?
  10. MRvader335's Membership Application

    good luck with your trial
  11. ridii2's Membership Application

    welcome on here m8. Good luck with your trial
  12. bc2 server mixed STATS altered ....

    defuq did I just read....
  13. New colors

    yooo man make a cooler moderator color. I liked the Server Manager color I had. this green shit is kinda gay (nothing against gays)
  14. Cablekiller's Membership Application

    Welcome to the Community filled with fucktards