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  1. Suchy206's Membership Application

    Hello Michal! Nice to see you here. So your membership status begins with Trial position and you will only be accepted after you reply to this post. Requirements to be accepted as a Full Member in hellshammers are the following requests Daily visits and at least 25 forum posts. Please remember in order to pass your trial membership you must be active especially in forums. [ LiveChat on our forum does not count ]. Introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section. Create a new topic Tell us about yourself. Discord promotes a fun environment while playing games and a good place to get to know other players, and we know that some players are not comfortable talking while playing games or simply never been using Discord, but it is really important for you to understand that we use it for many community activities for example team meeting or clan wars. https://discord.me/hellshammers You can also join our Battlelog platoon you will only be accepted after you reply to this topic please reply to this topic by writing: " Yes I accept the rules "
  2. Monster Hunter World

    Its nothing like ARK
  3. Monster Hunter World

    Hello Is anyone getting this game in 2018? I've been a MH fan since MH Freedom and I will definetly buy it.
  4. DamienDawn

    gotta love his insult "jew admins"
  5. ARK Survival Evolved server

    I will come to play sometime, plenty of new stuff since I last played it
  6. BC2 with hawk

    The match lasted over 2 hours
  7. Our BF1 Server is Online

    I ll stick to rainbow six until they are not fucking arround anymore
  8. I want to inform the sad news , unfortunately

    I don't know him either but I wish his family a lot of strength for their loss
  9. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    You've been on our server for years, finally you are here welcome
  10. BF1 what mode?

    yes I tried it. Its better than the normal rush. But it takes so long until its finished, and after 1 round I dont want to play anymore
  11. BF1 what mode?

    I would say Conquest. Played rush and didnt like it in BF1
  12. A very noice gift from Drunker

    nice one
  13. Your Favorite Kit? (BFBC2)

    Attack: Carl Gustav AT Defend: Carl Gustav AT
  14. Sgt.pooface's Membership Application

    Congrats WesselYou are now a full member of HeLLsHammers