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  1. Monster Hunter World

    Its nothing like ARK
  2. Monster Hunter World

    Hello Is anyone getting this game in 2018? I've been a MH fan since MH Freedom and I will definetly buy it.
  3. DamienDawn

    gotta love his insult "jew admins"
  4. ARK Survival Evolved server

    I will come to play sometime, plenty of new stuff since I last played it
  5. BC2 with hawk

    The match lasted over 2 hours
  6. Our BF1 Server is Online

    I ll stick to rainbow six until they are not fucking arround anymore
  7. I want to inform the sad news , unfortunately

    I don't know him either but I wish his family a lot of strength for their loss
  8. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    You've been on our server for years, finally you are here welcome
  9. BF1 what mode?

    yes I tried it. Its better than the normal rush. But it takes so long until its finished, and after 1 round I dont want to play anymore
  10. BF1 what mode?

    I would say Conquest. Played rush and didnt like it in BF1
  11. A very noice gift from Drunker

    nice one
  12. Your Favorite Kit? (BFBC2)

    Attack: Carl Gustav AT Defend: Carl Gustav AT
  13. Sgt.pooface's Membership Application

    Congrats WesselYou are now a full member of HeLLsHammers
  14. HellFromSky's Membership Application

    Congrats AliYou are now a full member of HeLLsHammers