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  1. The date of the clanwar with DU4!

    I won't be playing in the clanwar since I'm not at home at this time, so only 10 players, but you guys surely rock this sorry @Hawk you have to find someone else you will always teamkill/teamdamage I hope it's not you Reetz, he sometimes picks you. See the screenshot, u might remember his actions...
  2. The date of the clanwar with DU4!

    all good... but where is the free porn goddamnit
  3. DU4 vs Hellshammers

    Borat watched it 4 days ago again
  4. BC2 Noobtubing

    There is already something like that for 10 CG Kills, "Congratz XXX for 10 CG Kills this round, you are a real pro gramer" In my opinion , its enough but maybe at the end of the round where it shows the ace, most knife kills etc should also include biggest noob of round with the most cg kills
  5. BC2 with hawk

    Nr. 3: Hawk's a minion xd
  6. Banned for teamkilling BFBC2

    I think SpectreHawk is the only one who can do this !onspawn thing but he surely got a reason for it... well mostly he got one ... 1 in 10 cases is justified
  7. 3 day ban is over a week

    One of the person who punished is Colosso_Furyan.. i guarantee it
  8. Special Gifts for members

    maybe im wrong, but I think he already preorderd.. i would choose Jebu or Tim, they also did good job
  9. MadSwedishChef's Membership Application

    Welcome! Got a new name for N1colasCage, MadSwissChef since he is from swiss and chef and always mad xd
  10. i am sorry unmute plz

    picutre of u, insulting as always and a random one from tim fag getting rekt
  11. Special Gifts for members

    What about Hawkie? But only if he doesn't leave me alone with bc2
  12. Feature request (CG/RPG Limit)

    i dont think johnny likes that idea