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  1. nice
    1. Strubabert


      Jack Frags also reales some Videos at the moment if you wana check : https://www.youtube.com/user/jackfrags
  2. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    javla nötskal till tant
  3. Sign up for clan wars!

    i will play to
  4. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    what now? zelka are you complaining about my english and how I write grammatically ??? Or where is it then?
  5. Battlefield: Hardline & Bad Company 3

    bfbc3 i know it 2 years ago xD
  6. (â—£_â—¢) H A R D S T Y L E (â—£_â—¢)

  7. (â—£_â—¢) H A R D S T Y L E (â—£_â—¢)

  8. LED - 4,5 tum SWEET<3

  9. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    it not about time its about timing xD and thx
  10. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    i read 2-4 weeks xD
  11. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    oh i see now its a yes thx m8's
  12. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    its that a YES?
  13. Ingame Name: Hardstyle-Qlimax *IRL Name: Emanuel Hjulström *Age: 23 *Gender: Man *Location: Sweden , västergötalands län gullspång *What other games are you playing? bf3, pirate galaxy many other games on steam *Reason(s) for wanting to join HeLLs: good question ,i can give it a try it can be fun to get to know new friends. It is a good clan and good community *Previous clans: it's not a clan, it's more like a little group of 4-6 people HBAH was just a tag *Reason(s) why you left your previous clan(s): If i didnt leave it, I cant join the new one xD *Do You like beer (only over 18): yes i do, but i like more stronger drinks, flavored spirits Now please write about 5 sentences about yourself and your hobbies. I grew up with forests and water, hunting and fishing is a great interest, when i have time over. For the moment, I'm working in the woods with nature conservation. Its fun and sometimes its not but that is life. When I'm not working so here at home in front of my computer and play games with friends or I'm on my parents farm and help my father. Otherwise I play games or screws with my car and I'm crazy about LED lights, the car or whatever you might use it to. Sincerely Emanuel / Luna