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  1. Hells -DU4 play together

    Changed Status to Finished
  2. Hells -DU4 play together

    In this topic on first post a link says View full clan war click it and you will see its quite same topic but on top there is a banner with clan logs and information's just edit the topic from there and you can chnage the informations Clan war, fun match, whatever, same thing I set the match to friendly not official
  3. Scruffy McScruff's Membership Application

  4. Hells -DU4 play together

    OOPS! Converted the topic to a clan war and then wanted to split the comments but instead i deleted the comments xD Sorry Anyways i converted the topic into a clan war record @Hawk You can click on the the little gear iocn on top next to clan logos and then to manage the clan war like date, time logos or whatever you want I also added the clan wars block on the sidebar, this is a nice thing USE IT
  5. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    There are many changes in servers now, darius rented a server a while ago dont remember what happen to the server now
  6. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    Yep All i play is bf4 and bf1 nothing else haha
  7. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    Hello, Long time man I hope everything is alright Yea there are some of us playing Rainbow 6, Not me tho Dont compare my face with darius face, He is fat and ugly
  8. DICE Community SQDM Tournament

    Do you have any official link or a proof "DICE Sponsord" ?
  9. Hi all Hells community!

    Hello! nice to know you my summer is +50 c and winter is -2-3 c and all day, everyday, all year sand storm and dust be happy for your 23c or i fk you up mate
  10. Random videos

  11. Wassup

    Welcome You might become by best friend
  12. SNTNL's Membership Application

    Hello Louis! Nice to see you here. So your membership status begins with Trial position and you will only be accepted after you reply to this post. Requirements to be accepted as a Full Member in hellshammers are the following requests Daily visits and at least 25 forum posts. Please remember in order to pass your trial membership you must be active especially in forums. [ LiveChat in our forum does not count ]. Introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section. Create a new topic Tell us about yourself. Remember to wear our gaming clan tag HeLLs. Teamspeak promotes a fun environment while playing games and a good place to get to know other players, and we know that some players are not comfortable talking while playing games or simply never been using teamspeak, but it is really important for you to understand that we use it for many community activities for example team meeting or clan wars. TS.Hellshammers.NET:9988 You can also join our Battlelog platoon you will only be accepted in the platoon after you reply to this topic please reply to this topic by writing: " Yes I accept the rules "