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  1. Your favorite music

    best piece ever.
  2. Hi all Hells community!

    I am happy stupid. That's why I said I love spring I also damn the Gods for June, July & August for I can't leave my cold stone basemant in those months...
  3. Hi all Hells community!

    Hey mate! Good and cheap wine is good! I prefere spring though. I'm dying if the temperature is higher then 23 C degrees
  4. Our ARK server is online

    stop shaggin guys. Play some are ye cheeky cunts THE RANK IS 256 ALREADY KEEP IT UP!
  5. Our ARK server is online

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/133256758573333542/ We are allowed to bump up the topic every 24h. If you ask dumb questions about server it doesn't count as bumping up so you can ask as many of them as you can.
  6. SNTNL's Membership Application

    Well hey mate! Glad to see you there
  7. Our ARK server is online

    Guys start voting aleady you lazy cunts! Just make and accound with this email: http://www.fakemailgenerator.com and vote. In the other site you don't even need to register. Just log in to your steam acc. We are so many in this community... We could easly vote the shit out of this server to make it top. THIS IS IMPORTANT SO MOVE YOUR FAT ARSES
  8. AsmA's Membership Application

    Cazzo! Hello mate
  9. Hello everyone!

    Yeah Braniewo is good (the one with a golden dragon on it, right?) Lately I made a list of drinkable beers for homeless people. - Romper is delicious and złoty denar chmielowy is the best! I'm sick and tired of all those craft beers cause they all are IPAs APAs and other upper fermentation shits that all taste the same... I miss good cold pils or dunkel lager
  10. Hello everyone!

    Flavoured beers?! Hah! Gayyyyyyyy! Only kriek and ginger are halal
  11. Hello everyone!

    I feel like we won't be friends... But welcome anyway