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  1. Vietnam Server

    Every BF game after BC2 is getting closer and closer to CoD.. I mean Hardline now even features paint for your guns.. Dafuq Edit: To stay on topic 😜 I'd love a Vietnam server
  2. Zells want to Hells :D

    We agreed to spare the women and children! We need them for the producement of new innocent souls! (Good luck with the trials 😘)
  3. Application of a crazy dutch bastard

    Finally I'm not alone anymore! welcome mate and good luck!!
  4. N1colasCage / Michi

    Be aware that applications might now include the "Do you like dem kitty cats?" question..
  5. Server provider problems

    Agree on this with Deadpain, if it fixes our server issues (lagg, unavailability etc.) sure pick another one. I'd go with i3d also. Also EA almost always haves issues when a new game comes out, I suspect their issues will resolve when Hardline is a month+ online.
  6. Hardstyle-Qlimax Member Application

    Haha about time mate! Welcome
  7. RogueMedal's application

    Yeah! Thank you guys, cya on the battlefield indeed You have cookies?
  8. Server provider problems

    So far I haven't found anyone in the i3d servers who was able to tell me something usefull But like you said they have low ping, and I've been a regular i3d player before I came here and they hardly have any problems/laggs. Battlefield 4 haves more of these servers, perhaps our BF4 players can do a little spying
  9. Server provider problems

    What are we paying ATM? I know there are some I3D servers on BC2, we could ask these guys if they have any problems with their server(s).
  10. Introducing the RogueMedal

    Oeh thanks for the advice, luckily he probably haves NO clue this is about him
  11. BF:Hardline free Beta

    Yeah same here but was still curious what you guys were thinking about it haha
  12. My absence

    Congrats mate!
  13. BF:Hardline free Beta

    Anyone played this? Seen some gameplay and looks a bit too CoD-ish for me..
  14. RogueMedal's application

    *Ingame Name: RogueMedal *IRL Name: Jake *Age: 20 *Gender: Male *Location: the Netherlands *What other games are you playing? Currently none... Waiting for Star Wars: Battlefront *Reason(s) for wanting to join HeLLs: You guys are active on the chat and servers and ain't affraid of a proper laugh.. And so am I *Previous clans: Davinci Order (entirely different game) *Reason(s) why you left your previous clan(s): Was an admin in that guild and with only 5 peeps to manage 1000 players was a bit overkill so with heavy heart we decided to disband it... *Do You like beer (only over 18): Does Poo-bear love honey? (the answer is yes) Now please write about 5 sentences about yourself and your hobbies. I like to play a game now and then and ofcourse grab a beer with my friends. Been a speedskater since my sixth so that takes up 3 evenings in my week. Currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design so that takes some time also. When I'm not busy with school, sports or my gf then I'm probably behind my computer. Cheers!
  15. Introducing the RogueMedal

    Greeting head-bashing HellsHammers folks! The name is RogueMedal (in-game) and Jake (in RL). Currently 20 years old and living in the Netherlands. Been a BFBC2 player since 2 months after launch and stopped playing it for nearly 2 years and recently returned. Came across your server and FINALLY there were some people having a proper laugh at the chat so added the server to my favorites and kept returning. Few days back you guys begged me to join.... No just kiddin I asked it myself and so here I am