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  1. HeLLs Weight Watchers

    129kg and 175cm... now moar potato strips and sausage
  2. Chronicles of Elyria [KS]

    Multiplayer in one big world.
  3. Chronicles of Elyria [KS]

    Successfully raised $1,361,435 USD with 10,752 backers Funded!
  4. DieHund's Membership Application

    Not always. Good team can win from loss situation.
  5. DieHund's Membership Application

    Or if you like more strategic games and maybe hard to learn: then yes. In every community has toxic and egoistic players and dat is cold fact.
  6. DieHund's Membership Application

    http://venturebeat.com/2014/09/01/the-history-of-mobas-from-mod-to-sensation/view-all/ Check your facts here
  7. DieHund's Membership Application

    It was mod for wc3 so it wasn't blizzard strictly spoken? Dota anyone? And the first moba was in StarCraft. Aeon of strife. And some backround for lol "Later that year, another standalone MOBA would have a much bigger impact. When Feak left Dota, he eventually joined a developer called Riot Games" http://venturebeat.com/2014/09/01/the-history-of-mobas-from-mod-to-sensation/view-all/ but yeah, mobas started from blizzard, but riot games make things better
  8. Escape from Tarkov

    Yeah, i think game is going to be PvP in the end when you have familiar with the world. Dat is true. And this is why i like it because i liked the stalker series.
  9. Escape from Tarkov

    I just compared the hardness, nothing more. ARMA is more HC thou... Did you watch the stream yesterday?
  10. Escape from Tarkov

    And the form is? From stream yesterday its looks like challenging game and was pretty hard, like ARMA series.
  11. Escape from Tarkov

    I think this is their first game with battlestate games. Alpha is coming this year and about in 6 minutes you can watch stream how it looks
  12. Chronicles of Elyria [KS]

    Soulbound Studios making very interesting concept for mmorpg. I have backed this project and hope its going make what it's promising. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soulboundstudios/chronicles-of-elyria-epic-story-mmorpg-with-aging
  13. Escape from Tarkov

    Yeah, this is one of games i am waiting for
  14. Escape from Tarkov

    And today some first live streaming "The stream will feature a comprehensive showing of live gameplay, weapon handling, character loadouts and, inventory management. The stream will also explore game locations and, of course, demonstrate combat. " Stream start: EEST (Finland, Baltic countries, Eastern Balkan countries, Greece, Turkey) - 21:00 CEST (rest of the Europe except the Isles and Portugal) - 20:00 UK, Ireland, Portugal - 19:00