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  1. Videos which make you laugh so hard you almost die

    I found a game trailer on steam . This is so fucking crank , i can´t believe it
  2. My App.

    Good luck @ your trial time "Olle" (you thing what I mean xD ). See you on the BF in BFBC2 .
  3. Application RSAsterix

    Welcome to the hells site of live xD . good luck for your trial time and enjoy the time of the community and server . see you on the BF .
  4. Post your internet speed!

    Jebu who are you living in Germany xD . I have a 120000mbit line .my downloads by steam and other are 15mb/s this is very fast . so I can believe you have so slowly and the most place in Germany who have under 1mb/s are the country , cuz not the city's .
  5. HeLLs Hammers introducing video

    I think its is a great idee , but the question is what do you mean ? Videos from Clan member´s cut to a one video or we make a clan video who make all abut us and we make a lot of thing´s ? .
  6. My BFBC2 video´s

    My first BFBC2 video , I hope you enjoy it . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVGRlkyqPLI&feature=youtu.be
  7. Dlk want to join Hells

    Yes , Zel it's right .I think same what you says
  8. Dlk want to join Hells

    Thank you for this great massage See you on BF
  9. Poll: Sniperlimit on the battlefield server

    I see it same as RedFenrir . I hate it when the round started and the sniper limit will be activated . Sure I understand when from 16 players are more than the half sniper , cuz this is unfortable for rush . There are two classes of recon gamer:camping faggots watching his KD and this one helping and spotting.
  10. Forum statistics in year 2015

    yepee yeah and I´m the one of this . But your community and servers are the best what I see in my BFBC2 time , so I hope this is still long in such away And I see you on Battlefield .
  11. join(cottton)

    Hey cotton welcome to hell's, good luck in your trial . See you on the battlefield .
  12. Dlk want to join Hells

    Hey ho , thanks for the trail time and of your welcome greetz. I hope we have a nice time in the game and forum . I have put the "☠" on my steam tag . My steam ID is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984665287
  13. Dlk want to join Hells

    *Ingame Name: DerLetzteKrieg *IRL Name: Dominik *Age: 25 *Gender: Male *Location: Germany *What other games are you playing? Witcher ,, Elite : Dangerous *Reason(s) for wanting to join HeLLs: As far I can see , you have a really nice community and the only one playaple server . *Previous clans: nothing *Reason(s) why you left your previous clan(s): --- *Do You like beer (only over 18): The better question is : Did the beer like´s me ? My name is Dominik . I play FPS since ´00. Starting with Counter-Strike 1.3 and make my gaming history in Day Of Defeat and BF 2 , BF 2142 . This will be all about my games . I have a six years old daughter but I see her only two weekends a mouth . I´m working together with RedFenrir on the same facility so we play a long time togther BFBC2 . I need to say sry for my bad english but i´m still learning and i hope you can understand me . I will try o be a bit more online so don´t be angry if I start to spam your chatbox
  14. Hey ppl

    Hey Ho my friend : ) . I see you on the battlefield for very funny moment's .
  15. Hello player's

    Hello folks Im new here so want to say hey all. After a long break im back to bfbc2. My in-game nick is DerLetztekrieg and my clantag is SNP.I played DOD:S, CS Quake, Bf 2 and Bf 2142 and many other games .Im a dog tag hunter and play mostly assault or pio.See you on the battlefield!