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  1. DU4 vs HELLSHAMMERS - Round 2 - BFBC2

    count me in! my preference HC only pls rush: valpa/laguna presa cq: arica/oasis
  2. Sign up for clan wars!

    yooo guys, Count me in!! , idc about time or date.. ill make sure to be there
  3. *IRL Name: Tommy *Age: 26 yo *Gender: Male *Location: The Netherlands *What other games are you playing? BF2 Forgotten Hope2, BF 3/4, AOE3, Arma 2 *Reason(s) for wanting to join HeLLs: Always been intrested in playing for a clan, feel right at home with some of the crazy somabeeches here, love playing with/against skilled players, Fun-loving community and Landola was a big factor too. *Previous clans: Only LAN with buddies of mine *Reason(s) why you left your previous clan(s): none *Do You like beer (only over 18): Love me some cotdang beer as my cousin runs his own brewery!! Now please write about 5 sentences about yourself and your hobbies. Positive attitude/outlook towards life. Stocktrader in RL. Love playing watching competitive teamsports like basketball and soccer. Love to play Poker every now and then. Work out alot as it keeps me grounded. Also in love with my dirtbike (its my baby) and everything dirtbike related. Asshole on business days, Ppl loving weed connaisseur on weekends.
  4. JimmyGonzo Introduction

    Sup hellshammers.. former beer&titty here 26yo male from the glorious nation of the Netherlands. Im heavy into working out, dirtbikes, smoking weed occasionally and chasing poon. Bfbc2 is still one of my favorite games ever, I really like the engineer class and love to lite enemies up from medium/close range. looking forward playing with you guys!