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  1. Your favorite music

    Some nice pedals you got there man.
  2. Origin Account ID's(BF1)

  3. Damn thats not a bad deal Daria, well done! Anyway we'll see then. Hopefully there will be an active Hells community in BF1.
  4. My bad Daria, I missed that topic! That sucks but at least EA customer service was friendly
  5. (Shameless bump) Will there be an BF1 Hells server? I asked Adam the padam and he said probably not, but Daria, Barz? Any insight?
  6. Best graphic setting

    Thanks for the tip, it works like a charm. I played with everything on ultra, but this is much better for sighting.
  7. Origin Account ID's(BF1)

  8. Reetzweet abusing admin privileges?

    You make me blush Colosso.. thank you so much for your kind words!
  9. Reetzweet abusing admin privileges?

    Yes I was too quick. I kicked you since you did not respond too us talking about it, therefore assumed you didn't care/ignored. If you get punished again for something accidental please tell us, its not right!
  10. I want to inform the sad news , unfortunately

    Don't know him. I wish all the best for his family.
  11. Battlefield 1 guide for weapons and gameplay

    ''MASSIVE Battlefield 1 Update'' Those four words. Read them carefully. It is the very reason I am not YET buying this game.
  12. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    Hi Cobra, nice to see you here man. I'm 30 years old, so thank you for making me feel young again