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Found 8 results

  1. Name: [VOX] Anemic x Codeine Game Played: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Reason for Ban: Hacking/Cheating Appeal: Well this happened a less than a few days ago and I figured I probably wouldn't play on the server again if a admin was going to ban me out of "salt" or hatred but i'm not here to make presumptions or flame or do anything negative of the such. Now onto the ban itself. I can't exactly remember what I did that could have caused me to get banned unless it was a auto-ban but it seemed like a manual one. I know I was playing Recon on the server at the time with my friend ZEDS DEAD YO and we both were putting in and having fun defending on RUSH. I had some pretty good range kills and I even sniped out the gunner from the helicopter I think twice and got some good long range M95 kills on campers in the mountains. Honestly past all that, I couldn't do anything out of the realm of pure skill. I'm hoping to get a staff member to look into things and get everything straightened out. This isn't my first time having to appeal a ban so any questions needing to be answered, feel free to ask. Thank you all for your time and I hope this issue is dealt with as soon as possible. Be easy~
  2. Yo Guys As some of you might know; I hate the sniper limit but that's not the point. The thing I'd like to see is the same limit system for cg/rpg (maybe even 40mm) on inf, this should only be on inf since it would break the game if it also counted on tanks. I know I'm not the only one who's interested in something like this but are there any other opinions or objections to this concept? Further, I know that this means quit a bit if work for someone. Surprising I'm a developer myself, though I've never worked with BC2 I should be able to write it. Is that something that you want to see? Have a nice one Arcans (the guy with the GOL Magnum)
  3. Smoke

    How to disable smoke at atakama? How to enable scoring with 1 player? How to change the weather? (bfbc2 nexus server)
  4. stat check BFBC2

    hello i have problems about the stats on bfbc2 i am usually checking on http://bfbcs.com/stats_pc but every time when i check the last update was Last seen online: 2014-05-01 22:52 but k/d rating is the same on the site and ingame check. any solutinons ?
  5. Hi, first of all let me say that i really enjoy to play your server! today i played with my friend i found this kick ass place where i killed a lot of guys in short period and then got kicked with no notice and my friend told me it said "trucker2011 was banned for killing too many people in a short period of time so he's probably a cheater(which im not!!). please unban me i really enjoy the server and i already killed 250 people and i want to become a light admin someday!! thank you, trucker2011.
  6. Maps in BFBC2

    If I am not wrong we are running all maps on our server. Is there any plugin that you can add, dabigfish, so we can vote for maps? I dont remember if we had such thing in past, but in BF3 its popular plugin on many servers. Near end of each cq round and 2nd round of rush there should be possibility to vote for 1 from 4 maps After cq game there should be 3rush maps and 1cq and after rush game 3cqs and 1 rush (1 is same like prevoius game becasue some ppl prefer cq than rush and other way round so maybe they would like to vote for cq/rush) But it can only work if there is such plugin... or maybe someone is willing to creat it by himself/herself?
  7. Hi Mates, now with more RAM in our DediBox, is it possible to reactivate the 2nd ProCon Layer for our BFBC2 Noobs Server? BIG ps: without an Layer there is no way to kick out advanced players
  8. HeLLs BFBC2 Community to weak?

    Hi Mates, [01-05, 10:43] Antigoon: Fish, make a thread in the forum about it m8, so Drunker Lumpy and Commando can read it. [01-05, 09:42] DaBIGfisH: it seems that our community is to weak for BFBC2 [01-05, 09:42] DaBIGfisH: because BFC2 layers: thats sad. then u can shut down servers too, i think. sry for my bad view. [30-04, 20:31] LumpyNtZ: i took them off as theres no point to keep them up for empty servers right? [30-04, 20:30] LumpyNtZ: fishman [30-04, 20:30] LumpyNtZ: fishamn [30-04, 19:53] DaBIGfisH: hi Lumpy, pls restart BFBC2 ProCon Layers, they are not reachable, thanks When BFBC2 Servers shutting down HeLLs Hammers can save a lot of money ... BIG