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Found 17 results

  1. Hey!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say hi to you. Im 18, doing GFX & VFX as a hobby. Mostly playing CS:GO, sometimes BC2. Steam Youtube There's one question I got. Whats the exact solution of the profile header? Because I wanted to do one, but it doesnt fit right in because I dont know the exact measurements.
  2. Hello Guys, my name is Juli (ingame Lumpy / 1u^^p9 ) and I'm from Munich, Germany.I'm playing Bad Company about 3 years and since few months mainly on Hells Server, besides I want to play Vietnam. The community is just awesome, we always do funny and crazy things. The features are pretty cool; !hammer , !beer... and giving the people a chanche to votekick or voteban cheaters when no admin is online. The balance between Conquest and Rush is really good, and I really love it. Hopefully one day I'll be part in the Hells family. !beer Till then cya on the Battlefield
  3. Hello and welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, I am truly honored to join this forum as I love bf bc 2 and I have been playing it for 2 years now. In my leisure time I please myself with hammering folks on our beloved server. Mostly Spectre the @Hawk and @Shazz on certain occasions, just to show my love I will be more than happy to help you with anything and I will do my best to improve our shared gameplay I am an 18-year-old from Poland, but You can always message me in English and French. And if You are French and by any chance you want to help me improve the language, de rien! Have a nice evening lads thumbsup /EDIT/: ~January 26th I am leaving for Strasburg and will not be available online neither here nor on server until ~early February. Cheers
  4. Hello@All; i am very exicted to visite our server and play with drunken People I am Martin and live in Germany; same Town as Alex who is a good Friend of me :beer: Since few months i only play on this server because there are the best players; decision of sniperlimit and other good settings. I really want to join the Hells-Team and be one of you Chears fall to Guys Regards Martin :beer:stilen
  5. Hello Hellshammers. Some of you might met me on the battlefield already. My real name is Gustav. I'm 22 years old and live in Sweden. Battlefield 4 was not what I wanted it to be so the last year I have played on the Bad Company 2 server. I like this game alot. I was thinking about apply for lightadmin. I do sometimes get a bit angry in the chatt. Something I will do my best to avoid in the future... But I am a good teamplayer and I do care about the server. I like to play the game so I want the server to be good. I started to study a couple of months ago so I have less time to play now than before but when I can I will come in and shoot you guys. See you on the battlefield soldiers!
  6. Introducing myself

    Hey Guys & cheers to u all! I'm Alexander, 19 years old & i come from Germany. I play BC2 since 3 years & on the Hells Server probably since 3 or 4 months. I really like the Server, there is good Hardcore Action See ya on the Battlefield.
  7. The nickname is Landola59 :rockon: And good morning to you all. My name is Heikki, and I am from Finland. I've played in your server like two months now, and it is the only server I usually play nowadays. The reason is simple; Best admins, decent quality of players and lots of fun with other gamers. Battlefield 1 was actually the first FPS-game I played,among with Counter-Strike 1.1 and always loved the idea of the whole BF. I tried to play in other HC-servers, but the amount of cheaters was really pissing me off. I would really like to join to HeLLs Fighters, if my skills and attitude serves your purpose. (I ain't the best, and never will be.... I have other life too you know! stilen ) Cheers and let us have fun!
  8. Hi fellows, my name is Stefano and I'm from Italy. I'm 19 y.o. and i love Battlefield Bad Company 2. It is the only Fps i play ( i have more than 1000 hours on it) and one of the few games i play at all. I wanted to register here because Hells Hammers is my favourite server, funny and competitive zomg:rambo: I hope you guys will accept me, even if soon I'm gonna study hard again and i will be there probably only at the weekend Hope to see you soon on the battlefield
  9. Hi guys ! I'm Marc AKA "Le Facteur 74" on BF (ugly french nickname because my usual is already used by someone ) and i'm obviously French (apologizes for my mistaken english). I'm 19 and i'm studying to become an engineer. I've been playing BFBC2 for 250h and i'm rank 44 at the moment. I've also played a lot CS:S and i'm now playing CS:GO. I'm writing there because i reached the 2500 required kills to become Light Admin :rockon: ! Well now i go back on the server (playing with Pitti right now) ! !hammer Pitti :fuckyeah: C U !
  10. In game name: Elonyar Real name: Janne Age: 21 Region: Finland ------------------- :chill: :rambo:
  11. Introducing Myself

    Bonjour! Just here to introduce myself, for lightadmin on BFBC2. Anyway I'm from America. Particularly on the East Coast. Im your average 17 year old kid I speak English obviously, and a little French, plus I understand very little Norwegian being that my grandmother was born there and came over to America a few years after WWII was over. Ingame nickname: Kit Kat Bob. When I first got battlefield bc2 I didn't know what name to pick and I was eating a kit kat at the time and my steam name has "bob" in it so yeah. that's the story behind my original catchy name Most people ask but anyway, I'm currently an unemployed highschool student who hopes to pursue a future in medicine. When I'm bored at home with nothing to do the laptop always seams to flip itself open... Im not an addict yet, but I very much enjoy computer gaming and have been playing since around 2009. Yeah I was one of those little annoying kids on the mic. Now I understand why everyone hates them. I like to think of myself as mature now almost being 18 with my whole life ahead of me...but im still a kid at heart. Arent we all? Anyway, I Play other games too. ACIII, Empire total war and napoleon. Trouble in terriost town, counter strike source, mount and blade and some mods for valve games (battle grounds 2 , and Hidden) If anyone else plays some of those and is lookin for a playin mate hook me up I love the warfare of the 18-19th centuarys if you can tell. Most of all the games I play have a reference to those time periods, but Ive found the battlefield series very enjoyable as well and plan on buying bf3 and bf4 this summer. I love your server being that it has a mix of rush and conquest maps and I play on it quite a lot. Anyway ill stop wasting your time now and let you get back to what you were doing. Enjoy your day and I hope to see you on the battlefield!! Au revoir!! -Kit Kat Bob
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