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Found 1 result

  1. Well so i will start again to write something about The Elder Scolls Online (TESO). About the game: Its a MMORPG based on the singleplayer-parts of Elder Scrolls (Daggerfall/Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim) from Zenimax Studios and Bethesda. The story is playnig 1000 years before the first part of Elder Scrolls to avoid collisions with these storys. So the story is about the war between the alliances of Tamriel (Daggerfall/Ebonheart/Aldmeri-Dominion) to get the emperors throne. On the other side there also a war of each alliance against the daedra prince Molag Bal who wants to conquer Tamriel. So the game gives you a free choise of the alliance you want to play in, there are like in the other Elder Scrolls a warriors guild and also a mage guild and a free character development. So there are 4 classes in TESO, Templar (a hybrid between supporter/tank and dmg dealer), Nightblade (the typical rough), Dragonknight (a typical melee and tanky class) and at least the sorcerer (yea sorcerer what else to say :D). Each class has 3 individual skill trees with aktive and passive skills using magica as resource and also a ultimate skill for each tree using ultimate power as recourse. Then there are way more skill trees for nearly everything. skill trees for all the weapon classes (1handed, 2handed, dual wield...) and also for the armor classes, guilds, open world, craftings, races, werewolf/vampire.... To get these skills you have to "lvl up" the skill tree by e.g. using 2handed weapons. The higher the skill tree lvl the more skills you can learn. But to learn them you nedd skill points. These you can get from lvl up (1 per lvl), doing story quests (sometimes 1/quest) or collecting skyshards (1/3 shards). The game itself is not like WoW getting easier and easier, because at least it takes rlly long to lvl up to max lvl (50 "normal" lvls and then 16 veteran lvls), I am now Veteran lvl 3 and it took me few month to reach this, but at least it doesnt matter. The lvling is rlly nice and also not this easy because every enemy has some tricky skills you have to conter/block/avoid. And thats the biggest difficulty in this game: you have always to watch yourself and the enemy and also the area you are fighting in. In later dungeons you will be a 1Hit if you are just standing around and doing your job (dealing dmg/healing/tanking). Also its not like "hmm we just released it, fixed lots of bugs, removed to abonement-forcing style of game marketing, now we dont get lots of money there, lets quit the support". No at the beginning-middle of september there was released the first dlc addon with 2 more normal dungeons for the "normal lvls" (10-49) and their veteran version. Also there was released a total new raid content and pvp content (imperial city, wasnt accesible until now). And now, not even 2 month later the next dlc with a whole campaign was released with a storyline playing in the old homeland of the orcs. So there will be new dungeons, new quest areas and even new events too. Trailer showed also siege battles, so maybe there will be also a new pvp area. Well, I dont know what else to say right now, except: BUY IT! DO IT! BUY IT, NOW, IMEDIATLY! BUY IT GOD FUCKING DAMN! we, or better I need someone who will go and fight with me, alone its so lonley in this open wide and big world.