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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I got an idea (permission granted from WhiteWolf) to start League of Legends Team for Hells Hammers. Now everyone who plays League of Legends @ West, hands up! Our goal is to get atleast 5 players and start play together in same party and see how things are rolling. If we are doing good we can move to ranked and so on. If there is someone, who have never played LoL before, thats not problem. I can teach new players and we can play just for fun. Searching: - Top laner - Middle laner - Jungle - AD Carry - Support I personally can play each role but i mainly go as ADC. If you got interested pls contact me trough steam, origin, battlelog, LoLclient, tap a shoulder on streets... your choice! Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SluffinDisturbator Origin/Battlelog: Disturbator LoL - West: Sluffinator
  2. stephen.r team killing and insulting

    There was a player in the server a few minutes ago who ruined both rounds of a map by tking and insulting everyone. I think he just bought the game but he claimed to know the admins here and kept threatening everyone to do what he said when no one listened to him he insulted and team killed our chopper over and over till he got auto kicked user name is stephen.r screen shot of him tking
  3. Player name is Blue_COde_1 This player ruined two entire maps because he tked his own mcoms and when his team tried to vote him out he used vulgar language over and over. then on the next map he tked his team over and over till he got auto kicked. He has been banned and muted before on the AWOL main Bc2 server and their TS server for the same thing. below are links to the AWOL forums showing his past behavior and bans for it. I also included screen shots below of what he did tonight on the Hells Hammers server. AcToGoN, xARGx, xSHiFteR-permaban-disrespect to admin - AWOLGAMERS and Banned??? - AWOLGAMERS and How do i get un muted - AWOLGAMERS screen shots of his actions tonight. and and
  4. [GAME] - League of Legends

    Hi there, I decided to create a ranked team " HellsHammers ". I will take this serious, does anybody would like to join in this team, If there is anyone playing League of Legends, of course. By the way server: " Europe West ". In game: Lukastarx Steam name: Lukastarx Cheers.
  5. Just recently played in this map , with few other members. it has more close quarters fighting and buildings so close for sneaking around . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Few days ago i had the opportunity to play with you guys in a only members battle against each other . and i must say i really enjoyed it . altho i died first ! . i do enjoy team work . Now to make my statement i would suggest to look into this map . WHY ? = Because its a close quarters combat/ sniping , and its a smaller map than wasteland / panthera / origins / etc and different games could be arrange with out having the problem of Spawning TOO FAR . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW ME THE MAP! = ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY THIS MAP ? = .png]