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HELLSHAMMERS is a multigaming community made by gamers for gamers. We are mainly Battlefield players. but we are always looking for good games to rent servers for, we also accept other genre of games. The community and HellsHammers FORUMS is a place where people and all our members can interact and have discussions about anything related to our community and servers.
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Being part of HELLSHAMMERS is being part of a group of people who enjoy gaming. We play for fun and have a high appreciation for our servers. We try to communicate with the world of gaming and to get to know people. We offer High quality game time, private servers , you can even have your own personnel TS channel with your friends.
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50 minutes ago, Landola59 said:

You hack and it was mges and mge2 u twat


Against bots?????? Rly man?

silvers excuse eh .. i never hacked in this game son .. did u find ur hacker friend who made u lose 50 matches?


know your enemies ..

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5 hours ago, ReveN said:

still miss us so bad, so you gotta keep at least cs go hells tag? :D

Nah , its very old ss . I am just hanging around a ts that have over 150 users who under my control . Soon child ill reveal everything


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