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There is love in the air. This is after Mikes rage quit.




<19:04:51> "Landola59 | Heikki": we came at the exact same moment..

<19:05:05> "Landola59 | Heikki": and only sven has cum on him

<21:38:18> "Landola59 | Heikki": FUCKERS

<21:38:44> "Landola59 | Heikki": FUCKER MIKE GET REAL LIFE 1v1 THERE I REK U I SWEAR ON MI MUMS LAYF!!!

<21:39:02> "Landola59 | Heikki": so I made simple background for forum, go check it out from the threads

<21:39:14> "Landola59 | Heikki": not wearing a mic atm

<21:39:44> "N1colasCage | Mike": dumbass

<21:39:45> "N1colasCage | Mike": bitch

<21:39:48> "N1colasCage | Mike": pussy

<21:39:51> "N1colasCage | Mike": asshole

<21:39:54> "N1colasCage | Mike": retard

<21:39:55> "Landola59 | Heikki": kunt

<21:39:56> "N1colasCage | Mike": motherfucker

<21:40:01> "Landola59 | Heikki": your words can't hurt me

<21:40:07> "Landola59 | Heikki": because you are sad little cunt

<21:40:18> "N1colasCage | Mike": ouch

<21:40:31> "N1colasCage | Mike": :'(

<21:40:44> "Landola59 | Heikki": .... Didn't mean to hurt you bro.

<21:40:56> "Landola59 | Heikki": It was a joke.

<21:41:00> "N1colasCage | Mike": fuck off pussybitch

<21:41:14> "Landola59 | Heikki": calm down and have a !cookie n!colasCUNT

<21:41:20> "N1colasCage | Mike": asshole

<21:41:31> "RogueMedal": that head thou

<21:41:40> "RogueMedal": especially when it exploded

<21:41:43> "RogueMedal": priceless

<21:42:06> "N1colasCage | Mike": heartless

<21:42:07> "Landola59 | Heikki": You talk so much shit, I bet your asshole is as wide because tim is paying visits there once in a while

<21:42:22> "RogueMedal": ouch?

<21:42:59> "N1colasCage | Mike": I have an asshole, you are one

<21:43:14> "RogueMedal": oeh yeah

<21:43:43> "Landola59 | Heikki": Your mouth is leaking more shit even tho it is as wide as  your asshole

<21:43:49> "N1colasCage | Mike": at least an asshole produces shit, the only thing you produce is waste of time and resources

<21:44:27> "Landola59 | Heikki": You fucking retarted homo, the space you take from the earth is just too valuable for douchebag like you

<21:44:38> "RogueMedal": will try this week Heikki, need some PS-time for my study anyway :P

<21:44:46> "Landola59 | Heikki": Okay Jake!

<21:44:55> "N1colasCage | Mike": shut up homo you take twice my space

<21:45:31> "N1colasCage | Mike": :3

<21:45:33> "N1colasCage | Mike": <3


We all have our moments.

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