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Me, Myself and Myself in 3rd person

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Hi there,


As a few of u guys know, i'm applying to be a member of HeLLs, and thought it was about time i give myself an proper intruduction. So here it IS:


It was the spring of 92, the skies were blue and bright and the sun was shining, a little boy was born. That little boy was PwndSK ! The greatest player the world would ever live to see ingame all over the place.


So ... that was the intro of the introduction, now comes the real story BroH !


Who am i? That my friend is the question. I am PwndSK, long time player of many games. At first i started out as a CS 1.6 player, and from there the road has been long and full of surprises and some mistakes.


Before i startet playing BC2, i played CS:S and Zombie servers, i played alot on HellZone, (my past clan) Played there for years, and had a job as an admin on the servers. The servers was great, and the majority of the players were nice, free of hacks and respectful for the Admins and the other players, (Of course we had some cheaters and disrespectful players too, but i took care of those players)


Anywhoo... I'm a fun guy can be quite crazy at times, but that's just more personalities to love, and sometimes i can gett quite pissed off, as some of u actually maybe have seen on the servers, the time i have been here. I'm an active player ( as far as it goes, have a job that take alot of my time sometimes, but mostly 8hr days). So i don't really know so many of you guys, but i have met a few of you, and for those of you i have met, you seem like a great gang ! :) 


I like to hang out with friends, watch movies and series, and OFC play a great vareity of games. So i think i can be a great friend of the HeLLs ;)



Best regards,



See ya soon !


"Whatever, i'll just date myself"


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