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JimmyGonzo Introduction

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Sup hellshammers.. former beer&titty here


26yo male from the glorious nation of the Netherlands. Im heavy into working out, dirtbikes, smoking weed occasionally and chasing poon. Bfbc2 is still one of my favorite games ever, I really like the engineer class and love to lite enemies up from medium/close range.


looking forward playing with you guys!

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What I have heard, pruege has some old issues with us so he don't want to have anything to do with HeLLs. 


It would be nice tho that everyone should know that old hatreds and fights are buried and there is new order in HeLLs to make things clear and keeping shits pure.


After all, we can't manage without friends or without co-operating with our supporters and helpers.


Big thanks to those who has helped us to achieve everything here.


And give me one billion dollar please.

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