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}{enrik_21's introduction

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Hi everyone on the great hells hammers forum :D

So, an introduction. My name is.. you guessed it.. Henrik. I was born in 1998, and live in Sweden. My all time favorite game is bad company 2, that I spent 1000+ hours in. My favorite class is sniper or assult, and my most played map is Isla inocentes. I am also a real fan of bc2 vietnam, to bad almost no one is playing it anymore :/

I almost always play on the hells hammers rush/conquest server, if it is full, i wait. I love the map voteing system, the souls system and the nice players and admins. The server almost always has players on it, and it has a great ping. To summarize, it is always a blast playing on the hells servers:)

So.. that was me and my experience with hells and bc2 :)


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Nice to have you here Henrik! :beer:


We talked about lightadmin rights ingame earlier this day. I am willing to say yes for that, if you prove  yourself decent guy in next few days :beer:


I have seen you playing a lot in our servers and its good that enjoy your time. There is certain rules that must be taken seriously when you become lightadmin, but as far you have behaved good and in a way lightadmins should behave.


We see in couple days whats going on with your rights to become one of the lightadmins.


Keep beeing polite towards other players man, its nice to see friendly players in our servers!


edit: beeing is new word meaning you are having tons of bees around you so you must be good guy.... What the absolute fu.......

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