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Life is strange - decisions, decisions...

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Life is strange is adventure game with great soundtrack, simple but nice gameplay and amazing story similar to "butterfly effect" movie. Its emotional heavy kick in the balls in accompaniment of total mindfuck and choices beging question of you're conscience. And one of the most unexpected plot twists i have ever seen. 

In the game you're playing as 18y old girl which find out that she can reverse time, and she is trying to use this power to find out whats happened with her missing friend. 

I think, that everyone who loves adventure games with great plot, emotions, making decisions and seeing consequences, should consider this game as n1 on must-play list (together with TWD). 

If you never played it before, you should give it a try. All you need is some empathy. 

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13 minutes ago, BARZANY said:

not my type :mr-feel:

Give it a try :P. Wasnt my type too when i tried TWD. Just wanted to check it becouse i havent got nothing to play in, and ive seen it was marked with 9.1/10 in web. And ive checked it :P. Totaly worthy bro, im in love with two of these games, pure epicness like my brother once said^^

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I've seen this game on Steam several times and keep thinking about buying but have not done so.  For awhile, i was just adding so many new games (around Christmas/New Years) and I'm backlogged on games that I have not even played yet.  

I have not been playing Steam games much this past month - been more wrapped up in an MMORPG game and also work. 

I might make an exception and buy this one game if it's really that good.  I like games that have story line or make you think, rather than ones that are just so linear and predictable.

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