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HELLSHAMMERS is a multigaming community made by gamers for gamers. We are mainly Battlefield players. but we are always looking for good games to rent servers for, we also accept other genre of games. The community and HellsHammers FORUMS is a place where people and all our members can interact and have discussions about anything related to our community and servers.
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Being part of HELLSHAMMERS is being part of a group of people who enjoy gaming. We play for fun and have a high appreciation for our servers. We try to communicate with the world of gaming and to get to know people. We offer High quality game time, private servers , you can even have your own personnel TS channel with your friends.
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☠ Drunker ツ: ?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i have one propose, but this dialog is confidence
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: okay?
☠ Drunker ツ: lol
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: what?)
☠ Drunker ツ: what the propose?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i now copy and paste for you text
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: please read
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: So, you know what is it csgo roulette?(something like csgoshuffle,csgofast etc). And now, i have one popular roulette, where im moderator and i have access to adminpanel where we can chose,who win next game. To be sure i can prove you all(1) after win, you bring me back 30% of win. What yoou think about it?
☠ Drunker ツ: no way
☠ Drunker ツ: so what kind of game u seting?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: csgo
☠ Drunker ツ: yeah but what teams what lagues?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: NaVi
☠ Drunker ツ: how u can do that?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: dude
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i give you proposition about roullete
☠ Drunker ツ: yeah but i want to know how is that work
☠ Drunker ツ: and how u can prove to me?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i can give you admin panel
☠ Drunker ツ: lol
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: and you make win
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: you bring me back 30% of win
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: http://cs-rich.com/admin/
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: check
☠ Drunker ツ: thats the new way of scoomers  lol
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: check roullete
☠ Drunker ツ: ok give me one of ur knifes and i gove u 50%  everytime
☠ Drunker ツ: give*
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: no
☠ Drunker ツ: why
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i can give you admin panel
☠ Drunker ツ: good deal
☠ Drunker ツ: i know but before we do just give me knife so make a deal  ok 60% for u fook it let me lose it
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i cant
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: its admin knifes
☠ Drunker ツ: ok but im almost admin  so this knifes are mine inyt?
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: dude
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: if you bet
☠ Drunker ツ: ok im not gredy give me the cheapest one and then i will deal with ur admin panel
☠ Drunker ツ: so i can win more
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: dude
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i cant
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: i can make you win
Anastasia @CS-RICH.COM: or give you pass of admin panel
☠ Drunker ツ: ok understand but to make us like deal u know like russia and usa we have to drink some vodka but ofc we cant do that over internet so u can give me knife
☠ Drunker ツ: simple
☠ Drunker ツ: and then we win all knifes from internet 2gheter like 2 bold hoerses
☠ Drunker ツ: deal my friend?


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