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ARK: Survival Evolved server?

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I have been talking with some of the members and we have discussed about getting server for us in ARK. I have heard 2 different opinions about it, someone wants to play on PvP in official servers (In my opinion best way to play this game) or then getting our own server, with mods and shits. We used to have one server for that game and it was populated, never been full but 3/4 server slots were used anyways. And it was modded.

Facts and points to consider:

- It costs a lot

- Only few members would play on our own server

- Would there be admin to take care of it?

For my part, I could play there yes, that wouldn't be a problem.  But I like to play PvP servers and also have the original game experience, when taming takes like billions of years and you have to learn lots of stuff on your own. I also can't support the server with moneyz in anyway, since I got lots of other things to donate for on this community.  This game is basically quite difficult to learn on your own if you don't study it a bit. Some of the folks in our community are willing to help you to get you started ofc.

So those guys who play ARK and who also want to have server, give opinions what should we do about this. I have had opinions both for yes and no. Mike and Tim made good job with server back then when game was released but I couldn't play it because of FPS drops and lots of other stuff. 

There is also possibility to have one server for free, hanka aka asmo is trying to figure out if he can get one for free. But lets not get too far ahead, I need opinions if we should get this or not. So comments please. 

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