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why normal is better than hardcore in BF4

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Now before i start know that these are my opinions and u may agree or not. Im not that kinda person that dislike someone just because he has different opinion than i do. So please tell your opinion its much appriciated.

U may heard the line that hardcore is somehow better than normal, that it takes much more skill. So i wanted to clear the issue why i think normal is much better gamemode than hardcore. Now i have over 700 hours of gameplay in BC2 same with BF3 and all are HC. I have over 1400 hours in BF4 and first 700hours are HC then i started to play normal. So why did i change and why i dont like hardcore anymore?

well in HC player has 60 healt and this is what Is wrong with HC. all weapons are balanced players 100 healt so when player healt is reduced to 60 there is no weapon balance anymore. U dont need to aim to the head in HC just try to hit 2-3 times low and player is down not even mention about sniper rifles. It makes head shot not even awarding and it dosent improve your aim, it actually makes it worse. It takes much more skill to track moving target hit 2 in the head or 5-6 to the cheast in normal. So it makes no worth to aim high in HC. Only weapons that seem to have benefits are scar-h , ace52 and heavy hitting lmgs cos they can one shot headshot in HC and of course shotguns. They are also balanced 100 healt so in HC their Time to kill range has doubled :) see if u use full choke and darts u have range same as assault rifles with two shot kill and close range one. I see no point using any other than UTS15 or Hawk 14 gage, with full choke and darts. U have best damage output in your hands.  Using magnum 44 secondary that has headshot capasity compared almost every sniper rifle. U have covered all ranges in battle.

One thing also about HC there is no mini map well u think. People that have two monitors can use second monitor for battle screen where u see whole map:) one of the features that people who dont have multimonitors loose. Thank god that some server owners had put a punishing mode otherwise game would be full of trolls. One thing i do like in HC is that there is no d3 spotting and no hit markers it makes u play more audio listening and see blood did u really hit the enemy.

competive players dont like HC. Esl games are played 100 Healt with no 3d spotting so  basicly i dont see place with HC cos most players play normal and pro players with esl rules. Still HC players say its more better and i have no idea why if u read all the things i just wrote. Maybe their should try normal they might even become better with their aim. Coming from player who played HC all the time before seeing things whats wrong with HC mode. I still play some times HC with UTS15 :)

Comments are welcome


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@Tonts@HD, nice point made. Damage balance. :beer:

The following are my opinions based on my experience. First, I never played BF4. I did play BC2 HC for >2000 hrs and BC2 Normal for ~200 hrs. I did play BF3, but have erased the experience from my memory. (Haven't we all?;)) I think BC2 is likely to be similar to BF4. You guys may think I am wrong for BC2, okay. You guys may think I am wrong for BF4, if so you are probably right. ;)

So, what else is wrong with Normal vs HC, well this.    Autoaim. But specifically, hit detection error rate.

I have a working theory that BC2 Normal mode uses a hit detection algorithm with a fixed error rate. I have a theory that BC2 HC uses the same algorithm with a random error rate. Why I think this, is because I get consistent target hits in Normal, and I get periods of good and poor hit rates in BC2 HC.

What do you reckon? Ever experienced anything like that in BF4? (or even BC2?)


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i did play few times and i actually like play in helly, boat, jet on hardcore

if u put thermal its actually better to kill infantary on certain maps 

what about night map? have u try, i kind like but not much servrs with night map :(


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8 hours ago, Tonts@HD said:

Night maps sucks so bad. just thermal and irnv scope campers. no wonder they left it to zavod 311.

not really, if u dont move u will die, i think i have to get alot more skill to play there, u dont see others but they see u, or the reverse :) 

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