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Total war Warhammer

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Never played Warhammer games :) looking at the factions: Vampires and Chaos looks nice. Chaos is horde faction so u dont need settlements if u font want your infatsructure comes from raiding sacking and looting. Also the elves i like elves so i have no idea are they good at the warhammer world.


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I have played all total war after the first Rome and i think this game is the best total war game they have made. 30 hours of gameplay and not a single crash or a bug. Also cos its a fantasy world battles are really fun. U got all different styles of monsters and magic that really change the gameplay i really like it. All factions have different style of play style and u can really noticed when u play. Community is really active also and there are lots of different mods all ready. First mods were all ready maded when i started to play this game. Im using camera mod that zooms little bit closer to the map and skill tree mod that gives your legendary lords more points to spare. Skill tree is really good best they ever made and u are basicly role playing with legendary lords and lords.

Highly recomendent for me.

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