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Getting started with realism orientated Coop

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hey guys :)

like I mentioned in the other topic i created for Arma, I wanna try to form a group for realism orientated gameplay in Arma (mainly Coop, but it depends on how many people wanna join). I know there are only a few guys who are rly interested but thats allright. Everybody who wanna join me or just take a look at what I am aiming for with this can comment or send me a message. I could make some tutorial-like vids for everybody who struggeled getting into Arma but due to the fact that its probably a small group I would rather help everybody individually. I got quite much time atm so dont think I wouldnt have time to spare or something.

I got one more thing to say, Arma is time intensive and it takes a lot of time to keep everything playable, mods up to date,..... for me, therefore I wont accept guys who arent willing to put in the necessary time and work especially in the beginning.

I hope that last thing isnt discouraging anybody, if u take a look u will see why i had to mention it. Thx for the time guys! Hope u are as excited about it as I am :) 

Got some vids rdy to give u a minor insight about the possible scenarios, locations,... but I would prefer to show u everything in-game :P


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