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BC2 Noobtubing

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So, i think we all agree that no rules, is no rules, but noobtubing is for noobs, and noone like being randomly sniped by collosso or other big caliber fan. 
What i am proposing here is that after noobtube streaks(rpg/40mm on infantry) server will announce that guy who did it, is noobtube lover, that he is lame etc. or something like that. What do you think guys?


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There is already something like that for 10 CG Kills, "Congratz XXX for 10 CG Kills this round, you are a real pro gramer" In my opinion , its enough but maybe at the end of the round where it shows the ace, most knife kills etc should also include biggest noob of round with the most cg kills :derp:

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2 hours ago, PeteBeast85 said:

So if I take down 1-10 helis or other vehicles per round with cg, i'm considered noob? Because i don't believe that server can decide wether i was shooting infantry or vehicles.

However, I like the idea. But there are some problems.

ofc it can, i used to play on server when you  had 5 shoots on infantry per round and with 5th shoot it was kicking you.

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