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HELLSHAMMERS is a multigaming community made by gamers for gamers. We are mainly Battlefield players. but we are always looking for good games to rent servers for, we also accept other genre of games. The community and HellsHammers FORUMS is a place where people and all our members can interact and have discussions about anything related to our community and servers.
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Being part of HELLSHAMMERS is being part of a group of people who enjoy gaming. We play for fun and have a high appreciation for our servers. We try to communicate with the world of gaming and to get to know people. We offer High quality game time, private servers , you can even have your own personnel TS channel with your friends.
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BF4 Hell Event idea

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And where should one give his Steam Account link then having  a bit a hard time finding my way arround on the website.

Btw this is my steam account http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198309226668


Also when i get my new PC and get rid of this sheit laptop i'm probally gonna try this game called Squad http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380 heard alot of good about it folks calling it love child of Battlefield and Arma basicly BF controls and simplicity on Arma gameplay . 

And offcourse i'll play BF1 i might also try few other games like Rust or so even maybe try streaming on twitch maybe not sure about that last , so yeah big plans hope shit get's through and i finally get this proper setup and can do some serious gaming with you gents and lady's .

PS: forgive me for any grammar mistakes  


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