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I was Banned

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1 minute ago, Reetzweet said:

@Landola, @Petebeast,

You react as being stung in the butt by 14 wasps. So now I know for sure I have a valid point. Funny how you try to twist my words by saying I'm prejudiced, because all you Finnish boys keep shouting how Russians can't be trusted in the first place. And you knew very well he was Russian, you are both pretty damn smart guys.

When have i said something like that?

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1 minute ago, Landola59 said:

Daniel I usually think you don't talk shit but you should really not get into things you don't know rats ass. Who said we don't like russians? I am in a community which almost half of the members are russians and I don't prejudice them?

Wtf is your problem? 

For real... All I ever said is that we have to be carefull not to fall into prejudices.

That's it!

There is no bloody problem, what's wrong with a normal debate people?

You and Pete started throwing Terms like bullshit etc. into it!

Seriously people, respect each others opinions for God's sake.

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For the lack of proof and evidence on our side you are unbanned until further notice.


If you guys think someone is cheating and have serious suspicion then make a video or atleast a few screens with score and kd in it, otherwise i cannot permanently ban. Especially if youre not all on the same page about it.

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