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Keep your head down, otherwise it's......

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Its me,  B000000mmmm....., or BHS in short

History of gaming started on ZX81, and later on Commodore 64, few years later on PC with games like Duke3d and Doom. i feel old now ;)


Im a serious player  ( :D)  and i lke to fool/troll around, specialy with my m8 G1zz1e,  who lost his sole atm on PS4 with GTA :@


I know Darus, Ager and Tontsa a bit, from the old days of BF3/BF4


ow, and btw   Im Dutch :)

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yep , we played so many hours together on Ts ..  damn good old times :(


welcome and ask me anything you need man , you know you are and gizzie the console peasant are always welcome

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